TEMDEX® bed pads

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TEMDEX® Bed pads • 4029068112100

TEMDEX® bed pads - Temca GmbH & Co. KG
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The bed underpads are used for the safe protection of hospital beds and patient couches. The highly absorbent pads prevent mattresses and bed linen from becoming soaked. They are used as an additional aid in incontinence treatment, but also after operations, as protection for wheelchairs, chair pads and as injection pads. The underpads are also suitable for bedridden patients, as they offer a very good lying feeling and do not disturb or cause pressure points. Due to the soft fleece coating on the top side, the underpads are very comfortable even when in direct contact with the skin. The highly absorbent core securely traps liquids. The breathable foil on the underside prevents soaking onto the sheets.


Product details

GTIN-Code (EAN) 4029068112100
Material Cellulose layers, PE-film
Color yellow
Plies 6-ply
Branch Medicine and care facility

Shipping information

Sell Unit 400 pieces
Packing 400 Piece(s)/box
VE/PAL 20 Box(es)/pallet

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