racon kappa XL anti-finger-print folded towel dispenser

Item number: 121 348

The folded towel dispenser is suitable for all commercially available folded towels. It can be filled with z-fold, quire fold and Interfold. The racon® kappa XL is made of elegant stainless steel and offers an additional anti-fingerprint coating. It holds between 400 and 800 sheets. The lockable dispenser is suitable for touchless withdrawal of folded towels.


Product details

EAN-Code 4029068121348
Material Stainless steel
Color silver
Branch Cross industry

Shipping information

Dimensions 253 × 370 × 120 (B × H × T)
Sell Unit 1
Packing 6 Piece(s)/box
VE/PAL 16 Box(es)/pallet

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