profix vispo polishing roll

Item number: 066 519

Wipe for polishing and wiping, made of high-grade viscose-fibres, smooth surface and textile character. Extremely soft and highly absorptive. Abrasion-proof in dry and wet use. Multi-purpose-wipe, very suitable for use with cleaning agents and/or care products. Ideal as care and polishing wipe for sensitive surfaces. Also suitable as washcloth/care wipe in medical applications. (ISEGA-certificate) Main Fields of Application: Pharmacy, optics, paint shops, automotive, workshops, fine mechanic industry, injection moulding, glass industry, public offices, professional cleaning, hospitals and nursing homes

Absorptive, Capable of oil absorption, Quick water absorption capacity, Resistant to solvents, Tear-resistant



Product details

EAN-Code 4029068066519
Material Viscose
Color bright white
Plies 1-ply
Perforation Perforated
Branch Trade and industry

Shipping information

Dimensions 36 × 28 (B × H)
Sell Unit 500 sheets
VE/PAL 66 Roll(s)/pallet

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