profix wiping cloths

Item number: 015 531

profix® wipes are volume-embossed 3-ply towels. They consist of recycling-tissue. profix® wipes are particularly suitable for absorbing large amounts of liquid. They can be used for wet and dry wipes and are oilresistant and also partially resistant to solvents.

Absorptive, Capable of oil absorption, Quick water absorption capacity



Product details

EAN-Code 4029068015531
Material Tissue
Color natural white
Folds Z-Folding
Plies 3-ply
Branch Hotel and food service industry, Medicine and care facility

Shipping information

Dimensions 36 × 40 (B × H)
Sell Unit 20 packs at 50 sheets
Packing 1000 Piece(s)/box
VE/PAL 30 Box(es)/pallet

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