Refined Megamini design paired with innovative technology and efficiency: the sensor-controlled celtex® e-control dispenser series complements and expands the manual celtex® dispenser series that is already successful on the hygiene market. Unusual and shapely in the highest quality of workmanship – designed in Italy and made in Germany – the dispensers not only shine visually, but also with high resistance and durability due to their robust construction.

The automatic sensor control allows contactless use, essential for today’s hygiene standards, i.e. when it comes to effectively preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses. The contactless and thus extremely hygienic and economical operation of the units is suitable for hotels and restaurants as well as for highly frequented public areas such as railway stations and airports.

The integrated paper solutions and dispensers are designed to deliver only the amount of paper needed, depending on frequency, quantity and budget. Thus, depending on the width of their formats, they are just as suitable for washrooms and work environments in the automotive or food industry as they are for a changing table in public toilets – always flexible, efficient and in line with demand.

Even with frequent and prolonged use, the devices function perfectly. Easy to operate and battery-operated, they convince with a long runtime – with only one set of batteries. The One-Key-System with metal cylinder lock enables practical and safe handling with a key that is compatible with all dispensers of the celtex® e-control series.

We will be happy to advise you on the dispensers and associated consumables such as paper and soaps that are suitable for your industry or areas of application. Get in touch with us!