TEMDEX aircare care wipe

Item number: 006 058

Our Airlaid wipes are made of cellulose flakes in a drylaid production process. A special binder is sprayed directly on the fibres, subsequently the non-woven is embossed and dried. Due to this  special process, our wipes have an outstanding high mechanical resistance and an extraordinary absorption. The quality of our raw material is essential. Only by using particularly soft cellulose  fibres our Airlaid wipes provide their pleasant softness. But we are not only interested in quality. To TEMCA GmbH environmental matters get more and more important. Therefore our wipes are completely bio-degradable. Airlaid is especially suitable for applications in hospital and patient care. Due to the high quality of the extremely absorbent structure embossing and the ISEGA  certificate, our Airlaid wipes are qualified for direct contact with skin.

Abrasion-proof, Absorptive, Capable of oil absorption, Quick water absorption capacity, Tear-resistant



Product details

EAN-Code 4029068006058
Material Airlaid
Color bright white
Plies 1-ply
Perforation Perforated
Branch Food industry, Hotel and food service industry, Medicine and care facility, Trade and industry

Shipping information

Dimensions 36 mm × 27 mm (B × H)
Sell Unit 500 sheets
VE/PAL 56Roll(s)/pallet

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