Optimal disinfection results and thorough cleaning in one: With our newly developed Temdex® Wipes roll, you not only get a very safe and high-quality medical product that makes your daily work easier, but also a sustainable and economically efficient product. Whether in hospitals and medical practices, care facilities, offices or public institutions, the new certified wipes roll system with ready-soaked wipes fully meets the very high requirements for surface disinfection everywhere. It is characterized by its enormous yield and comprehensive spectrum of activity.

Compared to conventional disinfection wipes, Temdex® Wipes roll score with unique properties.

  • With just a single highly absorbent wipe, you can disinfect a surface of at least 3 square meters. With the handy and easily removable wipes, larger surfaces can be disinfected highly effectively and gently in no time at all, while at the same time being intensively cleaned.
  • Thanks to a special impregnation process, the ready-to-use wipes remain consistently saturated and, thanks to the innovative safety packaging, cannot dry out even over a longer period of use with individual wipe removal.
  • Temdex® Wipes roll is ready for immediate use – even without a dispenser bucket. This reduces contamination and thus increases safety. At the same time, less waste is generated and you also bring more sustainability to surface disinfection while saving costs.

The innovative wipe roll system is available in two variants: the material-friendly, alcohol-free wipe disinfection WD plus Wipes roll is highly effective against enveloped viruses such as influenza, Noro, MRSA and SARS-CoV-2. With the SD universal Wipes roll, you have a residue-free, low-alcohol rapid disinfection, which has a rapid effectiveness even with TBC. Both products are easy to use and gentle to the skin.

We will be pleased to advise you in detail on all advantages, services and areas of application. Just give us a call at +49 36695 322-0. You can also find more product details here.