Hospitals and care facilities are short of skilled workers, which often means less time for patients. To help facilities save time and financial resources and put the focus back on patient well-being, we as experts in hygiene products have developed TEMDEX® Wet Care. Our new wet wash mitts enables hygienic full-body cleansing without soap and water. There is also no need for drying. This saves time and money without compromising patient comfort, well-being and safety.

The particularly soft fleece of the wash mitts, with its high content of caring ingredients, ensures a pleasant feeling on the skin. In addition, the wash mitts can be adapted to individual patient temperature requirements or the respective season by either heating them in the microwave or cooling them in the refrigerator.

One pack of TEMDEX® Wet Care contains eight individually removable wash mitts, which can be used to thoroughly clean the eight body regions even in the stressful working day. The special nap structure reduces the transfer of germs and bacteria to a minimum, successfully preventing cross-contamination. The moist wash mitts are thus demonstrably more hygienic than traditional cleaning with washcloths or dry gloves, water and soap. This protects the health of patients in the long term.

In May, we presented the new TEMDEX® Wet Care in advance at the Deutschen Wund Kongress – the feedback was very positive throughout. Convince yourself of the advantages of our new washing glove and make an appointment with one of our sales contacts.